Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have this little problem.....

Well I guess it's more of an issue then a problem. But whatever it is, it sure doesn't hurt that she is this stinking cute!

The smiling face above could also be named "The sleepless wonder". Save your breath on preaching to me the virtues of a rested baby. I know it. I believe it. But the kid doesn't sleep. She is the queen of catnaps. And I am weak. As we entered night 4 of trying to transition her to the crib from her cosleeper, she only made it in the crib for about 5 minutes until I had her back in bed with me. She needs me. She needs to be able to smell me, know that I am close and that I will comfort her. But even when she has all that, the kid is a poor sleeper. Still wakes at least every two hours. At one point she was on a great schedule, easily slept through till we had to get up at 5am. But then teething began and it all went to crap. I know I should be sleep training. I am exhausted, as is my darling hubby, but I just can't let her cry it out. It's so sad. And she is so happy to see me every time I go in there.

Any tips, ideas?


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