Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tessa is turning 1!

I can hardly believe it! All this time I have been so wrapped up about becoming the mother of three, and my "baby" has been plugging right along, quickly approaching that 1 yr mark. I am stunned. In all fairness, at 11 months, she is much more "baby" like then Bella was, Tess isn't quite ready to walk, has just recently learned to navigate the stairs, and would surely prefer a bottle over a sippy cup. And that has been just fine with me. It seems like with your first, you are so anxious to get them to crawl, walk and talk that by the time your 2nd comes along, you are perfectly content to go with the flow, enjoy it and not rush anything.
However, with Tess being so infant like, part of me (the cheap, lazy part) is wondering if she truly needs that big, over the top 1st birthday party, or would she really be content with a cupcake and a large cup of milk (served in a bottle, of course)? Of course she would, she is turning one. But on the other hand; and in all honestly, the other side of my brain, which works non-stop, driving me mad with all of these non pressing issues; this is soon to be my middle child. The one who will most definitely be sure to compare how many pictures there are of her versus my eldest and youngest, and hold it against me. Truth be told, there aren't that many. Bella is a photo hound, and with all the ultrasounds I have had, at 26 weeks gestation, Mia likely has more prints then Tessa has accumulated over the last 11 months. I feel horrible, it's not that I don't try to take pics, I do, I really do! It's just that as soon as the camera comes out, there is the 4 yr old, jumping in front of it. And even though I know I should, for some reason I don't have the pressing urge to make sure we have her photo professionally taken every three months like I did with Annabelle. Maybe it's because she is such an easy going baby that I have become easy going about it? I am praying that her easy going attitude will follow her until adulthood and she won't sweat all of the large gaps of her childhood that her mommy has failed to document?
So with that being said, the party planning for the "Tessa is turning 1" is in full steam ahead mode! Saturday, July 25th is the big day, the facility is booked, we are having the celebration at Bedrock Farms, complete with pony rides, a small petting zoo, and according to Bella, the most important part, a Pinata.

There will be crafts for the kids.

Pony rides, and a chicken and a bunny to pet.

The cake has been ordered, I hope it comes out as cute as it looks in the picture! I went with super yummy flavors, coconut lime, dreamsicle and chocolate fudge.

The food has been ordered, as well as beer and non alcoholic drinks. Weather wise we will be fine either way, since the seating area is in a pole barn. So all I need to do now is get people to come, figure out favors, and so on and so forth. Oh, and remember that damn camera!

Wish me luck ~ Christine

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