Monday, August 31, 2009

This is not your momma's nursery!

I can remember spending hours pouring over my mom's JC Penny's and Sears catalogs, dreaming of being lucky enough to have one of the beautiful four poster twin beds, with a frou frou canopy. I knew that it was never going to happen, but it was still very fun to dream. My sister and I were very much on our own when it came to decorating our bedrooms, which has it's pros and cons. We were pretty much free to hang up whatever posters we liked, but under no circumstance was our bedroom furniture ever going to match, and it certainly would never look like it came from a catalog.

My girls, whether you want to consider it lucky or unlucky, will not have that much freedom anytime soon. I love decorate, and while I am not great at it, I try pretty hard. Maybe it's my version of living vicariously thru them, but hey in the grand scheme of things, having control of the bedroom decor might not be that bad. It's not like they are on TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras, right? Well at least not yet, lol.

Anyway, this weekend we finally put the finishing touches on the nursery that Tessa and Mia will share. It's frou frou, over the top, disgustingly pink, and I LOVE it. Hell, if they don't like it, I would gladly move in.

A HUGE thank you to everyone that helped. Lou for generously making all of the crib bedding. Ray and Anne for helping with the painting and wallpapering. And most of all my darling husband Greg, for putting up with all of my complaints about the craftsmanship, for walking thru endless shops looking for decorations and accessories, for dealing with all of the random Craigslist customers who bought the old furniture, and for picking up and assembling all of the new furniture that I just had to have.

I think it turned out great, and if these little girls know any better, so will they. I think that Tess is already sold, she loves the chandelier, and like her momma, is a huge fan of shoes. So far, so good.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dear Miss Mia....or Audrey or Daphne? Oh hell.

Hello little one! Can you believe that exactly 8 weeks from tomorrow, if you behave, that you will make your debut into this crazy, crazy world? It blows my mind, and I know for certain that it blows your daddy's mind as well. Your big sister Bella however, is dying for that big day, and can barely handle all the excitement.
You have been really quiet today, which you know makes me a little crazy. A little kick now and then would be just fine, you know how neurotic I am, as soon as a few hours go by that I don't feel you move, I instantly think that something is wrong, like that cord is wrapped around your neck, and that you are slowing perishing! So quit being so peaceful and give me a little nudge or something would you? Maybe you are saving your energy for tomorrow's stress test, I know that you hate it when they buzz you if you are not moving enough. So maybe you are smarter than I am giving you credit for, and are just holding back until tomorrow am? That would be great. It scares the bejesus out of me that if you don't move enough or if your heart rate doesn't accelerate enough during those tests that the Dr. could just decide right then and there that it's time for you to come out! Obviously they know what is best, but I am not ready!
The nursery is almost done, I hope you love it as much as I do. Tessa, your other big sister seems to like it, which is good since you two have to share. But I will warn you, Tess just turned one and she has been quite a little drama queen lately. She has been shreiking, throwing fits, hitting and kicking, just generally being a pill. Hopefully she grows out of it soon, because she is tough to deal with lately!
I have most your clothes washed and reorganized. I hope you don't mind hand me downs, because with a sister just 14 months older, there is a ton of them! But don't worry, I will always make sure you look adorable!
I have a brand spanking new car seat for you, still in the box in the garage, now we just have to figure out where in the car to put it. But don't worry, you will be riding not only safely, but in style as well.
I am having a shower, which is crazy, since technically you are my 3rd girl, but every baby, especially you, is a reason to celebrate. In just 15 days your Auntie Crystal will be here, she is helping throw the shower, and she and her hubby are flying in from Las Vegas to help plan and celebrate. When you first hear her voice, don't be alarmed. While it might be a little high pitched and squealy, don't worry, it is just the sound of pure joy that comes out when she and I finally get to visit eachother. I feel like between Facebook, email and texting I get to communicate with her all the time, but I sure do miss getting to see her on a regular basis. In just 19 days, we will be able to celebrate your impending arrival with our family and friends. Another good friend, Jay has gone above and beyond to put this celebration together for you, which is amazing considering that she is moving the weekend before the shower. Both she and Crystal have absolutely enjoyed giving me zero flipping details about the event, which makes me a little insane. Once you are here, you will quickly realize how much mommy loves to plan a party, or any event for that matter (Don't panic, but I am already pondering what types of cute costume themes and options we have with three little girls for this Halloween). But neither of them have relinquished any party planning duties, or given me any details at all, which is really just plain mean. Of course, I am just joking. They are wonderful and delightful ladies, and we are truly blessed to have them in our lives.
That is one thing that I really, really hope to be able to teach not only you, but all three of my girls. Be yourself, and surround yourself with people you love and who love you. If you do that, no matter how hard things are, you will always find a reason to laugh, and always have someone to share your pain and happiness with. Honestly, I can say hands down, I would rather spend an evening with either of the above ladies talking about a crisis in my life instead of merely passing pleasant time with a casual aquaintance. I know that I won't have to pound this into your heads, all three of you will be strong, smart women and will quickly learn what I mean. When people tell you who they are, believe them. Spend your time with people you want to be around. It's too precious to waste on people who you don't enjoy, who frustrate you or exhaust you. Unless of course, it's your Mommy!
Love you,