Monday, July 20, 2009

Sometimes I could kill my husband....

Sometimes Greg really makes me crazy. Like this Saturday night, while we were camping, and at 7 months pregnant I was really trying to be a good sport and not whine too much, and he thought it would be a good idea to "warm me up" in our 8X10 cabin by pushing his sweaty, hairy butt up to me and letting one rip. I could have gotten over it rather quickly, if I didn't have to feel his body giggling next to me for the next three minutes while he chuckled himself to sleep. ugh.

The other thing that he does that makes me a little nutso is teaching the girls things that he finds funny, but are not appropriate for the little ladies that I am trying so hard to raise. I find absolutely ZERO humor in my four yr old coming out of the bathroom to tell me "mommy, I just dropped a deuce." But for some reason he thinks it's hilarious. I don't get boys and their endless bathroom humor.

But most days, I really, really love my husband. And really appreciate him. I am sure that I don't tell him enough. In fact, I have been complaining lately that I am feeling so very pregnant and I have never received a foot rub or a massage. But on the other hand, most nights after he has helped put the girls to bed, and done his own laundry, he is the one in the kitchen trying to figure out what we will have for dinner, and he is the one who usually ends up making me a sandwich. And he almost always brings something for me to drink when he comes upstairs. And he takes care of my dog, Petunia, even though he hates caring for pets. Everyday he feeds her, takes her out to go the bathroom, and every night he puts her to bed. He even does the pooper scooper duty in the backyard.

But yesterday, my honey won the darling husband of the year award. We left our weekend camping trip/family reunion right on time, after Greg had loaded everything, and even mopped the cabin floor because the bucket was too heavy for me to carry. We were about 15 minutes down the road when Tessa decided to gag herself and hurl all over the backseat of Greg's beloved truck. Granted, Greg used to laugh and think it was cute when Tessa gagged herself for no reason, but I think he is past that now. But like a champ, he cleaned up the entire truck while I changed the baby. He even cleaned out her car seat and filtered the smell as much as possible.

Three hours later, when we finally made it home, he unloaded all of the items and put most of them away so that Bella and I could take a much needed bath to remove all of the camping residue that we brought home with us. When it was time to pick up Petunia from the kennel, he went and got her. And even though it was 5:30pm, and he was tired and sweaty and just ready to sit on the couch and enjoy his trusty Discovery channel, he went and picked up the nursery furniture that I had ordered from the store. And even though he was frustrated at the store personnel for taking so long, he came home and assembled all of it, while Bella and I oohed and aahed about how cute it was, and while Tessa sat on top of each and every box "assisting." All in a tiny 10x10 room, while he was dripping sweat.

The nursery is just about done, I have a chandelier that still needs to be installed, and need to hang some wall art, but I have custom bedding in process (thank you Lou, you are awesome, and btw are you looking to adopt another daughter?) and overall I am really pleased about how it is coming together.

The new changing table, still working on finding baskets.

The new glider is so far my favorite item, well besides the wallpaper, of course.

So honey, even though sometimes you really, really make me crazy, you are my champ, and I do realize how very good I have it. And while I will not be encouraging any of the girls to "go drop a deuce" anytime soon, I will make sure that they appreciate how much their daddy does for them ;-)


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